What can I help you with?

Reducing inflammation

Weight loss

Blood sugar control

Digestive issues

Crohn's and Colitis

Chronic fatigue

Athletic performance

Energy levels

Balancing hormones 

The Program 

What you get: Your journey starts with an in-depth evaluation. What are you looking for? What are your goals? What motivates you? 

Learning about you and your past journey is an important part of the process. Together, we will create an individualized program with a realistic approach. Weekly accountability appointments and adjustments throughout your health journey are included to ensure success.

Individualized Programs & Services:

Monthly Individual programs

12-week reset programs

Individual & group consultations 




What it looks like

Weekly or Bi-Weekly consultations on your progress

E-mail and phone support

Weekly challenges

Food journal reviews

Meal planning and prepping for success

Resources and tools, individualized with your goals in mind

Additional Services

Custom meal planning

Allergy and diet restriction planning

Elimination diet and evaluations

I am located in the Portland Metro area. I can't wait to meet you! Contact Me to get started!